Press Release: The King of Kreskin Avenue

king of kreskin avenue press release


Fifty Years After the End of the War in Vietnam the Line Between Heroes and Traitors is Still Unclear

The King of Kreskin Avenue paid with his heart, his humanity, and with his soul, and if we could ask him if it was worth it, we might not like the answer

[FAIRPORT, NY, October 29. 2019]  Author A. K. Vitberg is pleased to announce the publication of his debut novel, The King of Kreskin Avenue, a story of betrayal, de-humanization, and redemption set against the background of a lower middle-class neighborhood in Buffalo, NY in the turbulent 1960’s

The King is the powerful tale of the connection between Mario Colucci, a highly decorated, emotionally scarred Korean War hero ridiculed by the neighbors, and a sixteen-year-old neighborhood kid, Robbie Shumstein, trying to come to grips with the death of his brother in Vietnam.

With the gentle guidance and wisdom of Mario’s wife Mattie, a former combat nurse, and the assistance of a Don McIntyre, a U.S. Army deserter, the story’s dramatic climax occurs in the late 1960’s when the King and Robbie put their demons to rest by setting a pipeline in motion that ultimately saves the lives of hundreds of young men.

Vitberg’s novel exposes the anger, polarization and chaos of the time, and the consequences when a country’s moral compass fails and needs to be re-balanced by men, a woman and a boy of conscience.

The book is now available for purchase in both eBook and paperback format at Amazon. Requests for interviews or readings accommodated at the author’s website, or via email.

About the Author

Alan Vitberg was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and now resides with his wife Janice, near his three adult children, on a two-acre wooded lot in New York State’s Finger Lakes Region. After an award-winning career in marketing and advertising he wrote his debut novel, The King of Kreskin Avenue, reflecting on his coming of age in the turmoil of the 1960’s and its similarities to the turmoil of today.

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Press Release: The King of Kreskin Avenue

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