I Want a President and Chief Executive, not a King

President as king

Incompetence and a rush to impeachment has damaged our “great experiment” forever

President Donald Trump has escaped justice and will likely be rewarded with another four-year term come this November. It’s inarguable that he’s moved our country in new directions – some good, some bad depending upon your perspective – but the irrefutable fact that he abused his power for his own political gain is inescapable.

And while you may not agree with me, I believe that abuse of power warrants his removal, but the Republicans have voted in favor of a position that maintains that abuse of power is not a violation of a criminal statute and therefore, not grounds for removal.

To me, that’s like a thief who robs a store at gunpoint arguing that they must be acquitted because his rights granted under the second amendment guarantees him the right to use a gun, and therefore, his actions are legal and constitutional.

It was like a kick to the head when Alan Dershowitz, a constitutional law expert who once had my respect, in defense of the President on the floor of the Senate said, “Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest. And if a president does something, which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.”

That statement alone was the thinnest of rationales for Republican senators looking for an excuse, any excuse, to jump into Trump’s camp, and in the process, protect their re-elections. Taking this off ramp also had the effect of resetting their moral compasses straight downward to hell

If the past three years serves as a road map for the next five, one can only conclude that Trump will take his acquittal as a blank check upon which he can reward or punish, disregard congressional will as may dictated by his whim, widen the income inequality gap and its consequences, and ramp up his use of Twitter to create false narratives and fictions fueled by the power of gullibility.

And woe be to the states and citizens of New York and California who are certain to feel his wrath and his newly granted, unchecked powers to bring them to heel.

The Democratic Party screwed the pooch, dropped the ball, shot themselves in the foot. Call it what you want, but their lack of patience and fortitude to bring the right witnesses to testify in House proceedings to establish that crimes were indeed committed, and to fight the good fight against unreasonable assumptions of executive privilege have, in effect, laid the framework for breathtaking implications for all branches of the Federal government for the foreseeable future.

Shame on you. Just like history will not look kindly on the presidency of Donald Trump, your roll will have historians of the future scratching their heads and turning out volumes of academic treatises all built around trying to answer one question: “just what the hell were they thinking about”?

Come the election season, the Democrats will have an arsenal of powerful weapons at their disposal to prove Donald Trump’s abuses, incompetencies, immoralities, and significant character flaws.  If you are an anti-trumper, that’s great except for one critical fact.

There’s not a single Democratic candidate today that stands a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. The incompetence of the Democratic party’s impeachment follies is only matched by their impotence to field a viable candidate that can bring statesmanship and sanity back to the oval office.

The winner of the next election is not going to be picked by electoral college representatives holding liberal views. For the most part, those electors are going to come from right leaning, nationalistic favoring, middle- and lower-class men and women who just don’t seem to care that they’re getting screwed environmentally, financially, medically, internationally, while losing their voice of choice.

They’re being hoodwinked by sleight of hand. They’re letting rich people and corporations get richer and richer and less and less accountable because they’re bedazzled by a combination of nationalistic jingo and “less government means better government” rhetoric and actions.

On the other hand, that’s making America great again, right?

I Want a President and Chief Executive, not a King

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