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The Absolute Truth About Donald Trump’s Likeness on Mt. Rushmore. Or Not.

What I’m daring to write about in this blog post may be true. Or not. You know very well what I’m talking about – the story that Donald Trump wants his likeness added as the fifth President on Mt. Rushmore. If the story is true, it has a Month Pythonesque-like aura … a bit built […]

Screw You Covid-19!

Chapter 1: We Refuse to Cancel Family Sunday Dinner but……. … we needed to come up with another idea, for outside of vacations, Sunday night dinners at the Vitberg house have been a dependable, staple of life for well over 30 years. We’re weren’t going to let a nasty virus bring that streak to an […]

Eight of a Kind – The Poker Guys

I’m not exactly sure of the date, but sometime soon, I’ll be celebrating my 26th year anniversary. I’m not talking about my marriage of 42 years, or the anniversary of when I quit smoking, or even the anniversaries of deaths, births, accolades or the fact that very soon, we’ll be celebrating the fact that it’s […]

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction and Other Testy Observations

My inner curmudgeon really came to life over these past couple of weeks and I concluded that I can’t get no satisfaction. It started when I saw that one of my favorite all time rock n ’roll bands – The Rolling Stones – are coming to Buffalo this summer. I asked Janice to get tickets […]

I Want a President and Chief Executive, not a King

Incompetence and a rush to impeachment has damaged our “great experiment” forever President Donald Trump has escaped justice and will likely be rewarded with another four-year term come this November. It’s inarguable that he’s moved our country in new directions – some good, some bad depending upon your perspective – but the irrefutable fact that […]

Is it Time to Reinstitute a Military Draft?

Many of the fans of The King of Kreskin Avenue remember the draft and military conscription as one of the more unpleasant consequences of the war in Vietnam.  Between 1964 and 1973, using a lottery based system, the U.S. military drafted 2.2 million American men out of an eligible pool of 27 million. Share your thoughts below Several my […]

Dad Would Have Been Proud

Just about everybody I run into these days asks me, “how’s the book going”? My reply has been consistent – right on track where I projected, but I really need more ratings and reviews to move on to the next steppingstone of the The King of Kreskin Avenue’s journey. However, this post is not a […]

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