If You Have a Question About the Honda Accord, Ask Me Now Before I Forget

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A Baby Boomer Moment…..

I’m not a “car guy”, but as you can see from the pic, hi ho – hi ho, off to the car dealer I needed to go. That meant doing a boatload of research in a very short amount of time, complemented by 1,678 opinions from my friends, and 2, 875 emails and phone calls from dealers after I completed one online form.

One of my biggest concerns – and I’m pretty sure that all Boomers have the same fear – was that because I had to cram all of this new, unwanted knowledge into my head, that important facts would leak out the other end of my brain and be lost. My fears became true after learning what “PZEV” means, only to discover that I had now forgotten the middle names of all my children and grandchildren, my favorite Federal tax credits, and the date of my wedding anniversary.

(OK, full disclosure – I can never remember that date.)

I also found that advertising my now squished 2005 Honda with 217,000 miles as “recently converted to a convertible with an all new wood trim interior” was not particularly effective.

So, I bought another Honda, and just for the sheer joy of it, now have a car payment once again. Who knew you could now finance a car for 30 years?

But we’re all safe and sound and I am so, so looking forward to dealing with the insurance agency. Now if I could only remember what the name of that company is ….

If You Have a Question About the Honda Accord, Ask Me Now Before I Forget

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